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The Offshore Northern Seas Exhibition, Conferences, and Festival is the best and most popular place to get acquainted with the latest. The ONS 2016 Fair is a great platform for people all over the world.

About the ONS 2016
Exhibition, Conferences, And Festival

The programme of the ONS Stavanger, scheduled to be held in Stavanger, Norway will be a great fair relating to northern seas items. The fair will be attended by around 91700 people from across the nation.

About Stavanger
An awe-inspiring city in Norway

Stavanger attracts hundreds of tourists every year from around the globe to a world of thrilling attractions, superb restaurants, captivating architectural monuments. Great weather and food is awaits you.

Lodging Services
A Valuable Experience for You

Our company is providing the best travel, boarding, and lodging services to the participants of ONS Stavanger 2016, to make the whole experience memorable and trouble-free for the participants.

ONS 2016

The ONS Stavanger will be attended by people from across the nation and around the world who will gather in Stavanger, Norway, to explore the world of new furniture and office and home offshore northern seas, and much more, at this great, must-attend event.

The ONS Fair 2016 is scheduled to be held at Stavanger Forum sin Stavanger, Norway, from 29th August to 1st September, 2016, and is expected to be attended by around 91700 professionals from all over the world.

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Important Information

ONS 2016 Stavanger

Congress Venue

Stavanger Forum,
Gunnar Warebergs
Gate 13,
4021 Stavanger, Norway

Places To See

Prekestolen ("Preacher's Pulpit")
Stavanger Cathedral
Market Square
Old Stavanger
Museum of Archaeology

Meal and Refreshment

The organization will not provide any official lunch or snacking item to the participants. Eatables including snacks and sandwiches can be purchased from the coffee/snack points and bars located here. However if desired our company has tied up local restaurants around the Fair venue and can organise excellent meals for the delegates.


Individual online bookings can be made via this website. It is advisable to make the bookings at the earliest since there are a limited number of room inventories available near the Fair venue. We have reserved a number of hotel rooms in different priced categories in Stavanger, Norway and the surrounding areas for the ONS 2016. As a service for individual participants our Company will arrange your hotel accommodation at the best rates available and no extra service charge. There are four hotel room ratings, ranging from 2 to 5 stars.

Availability For Hotel Rooms

Hotel Category Room Availability
5 star Available
4 star Available
3 star Available
2 star / No star Available

NOTE: These prices mentioned are suggestive and are subject to change. Rates are listed as one room, per night. VAT and breakfast have been included in the offered rates.

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Disclaimer and Insurance

It is to be noted that ONS or our Company and other Fair partners shall not be liable for any losses of any nature. Participants will be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belonging, luggage or of the accompanying persons. We also advise you review your own insurance cover for validity.

Reservations on Individual Basis

Since the availability of rooms is limited in Stavanger, Norway, it is advised to make reservations at the earliest so as to avail the best hotels for your own benefit. Availability for hotel accommodation will be based on priority basis.
Online hotel booking form can be filled on this website for hotel reservations. Up to 9 rooms for individual reservations can be booked online on our website. Guarantee and full details will be required from card holders and credit card users. E-mail will be sent for confirmation of reservation. The entire transaction details and charges will be assessed and cleared in the hotel. Reservation through telephone will not be entertained by any of the listed hotels.

Reservations for Groups

Separate numbers and facilities will be provided for group reservations. Also, 10 rooms or more will be available for group reservations. For any enquiry on group reservations concerned person can fill the Group reservation form available on our website or send us an email on info@ons2016.org.We shall then contact you to understand your requirements and complete the booking process for your group. You will be required to mention the following information- category of hotel, desired location and numbers of rooms required. No telephonic reservations will be entertained for group reservations either.

Payment and confirmation

Individual reservations can be made for up to 9 rooms by our Company. Group reservations can be done for 10 or more rooms. We will require valid credit card details so as provide a confirmed reservation for each room.

A deposit of 25% will be required for guarantee of group reservation. Services enjoyed by the delegates other than the offered facilities will have to be settled by the individuals during check-out. Invoice will be sent by our Company.

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Stavanger, Norway


29 August - 01 September 2016


91700 Worldwide Attendees


The Offshore Northern Seas Exhibition, Conferences and Festival (ONS 2016) will feature cutting edge items relating to offshore northern seas. The fair is the most-awaited in the world. The ONS Stavanger 2016 to be held in Stavanger, Norway from 29th August to 1st September, 2016 will offer a great platform for around 91700 people from around the world to exchange their innovations and items. The programme of the ONS Stavanger 2016 will be a great platform for opening one’s mind towards innovation.

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